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Intent - Vox Populi - CD


Image of Intent - Vox Populi - CD

The boys are back with their debut album, Vox Populi. Guaranteed to be a future thrash classic. With tracks like 'Empty Graves', 'Number 12 (Looks Just Like You)', and 'Network Failure' this has something for everyone.

Track List:
1. Number 12 (Looks Just Like You)
2. Vox Populi
3. Insight
4. In My Blood
5. Network Failure
6. Empty Graves
7. Veinburster
8. Tyrannicide

Album release date 5/4/18, pre-orders shipping a week or two prior to street date.

FFO: Slayer, early Metallica, Havok, Municipal Waste, Saintbreaker, circle pits, playing fast and eating ass.