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VHS - A Very Merry VHS Xmas - Cassette

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Image of VHS - A Very Merry VHS Xmas - Cassette

Twas the night before Christmas, and all was still, until a Violent Homicidal Slasher burst into your home and slaughtered you and your entire family. Luckily that hasn't happened (yet), but for those of us that would like to imagine it we have this EP. Originally released with 8 tracks, this limited 1st pressing comes with bonus live recordings of 'Screaming Mad Gore/Never Sleep Again' and 'Halloween Treats'. First pressing limited to 30 copies with 2nd pressing due out early next year.

Track Listing:
1. Silent Night... (Intro)
2. Jack Frost
3. Jingle Holocaust
4. If You're Dressed In Red
5. Don't Feed After Midnight
6. Revenge
7. Anges, It's Me, Billy
8. A Very Merry VHS-Outro
9. Screaming Mad Gore/Never Sleep Again (Live)
10. Halloween Treats (Live)

FFO: Impetigo, Exhumed, Ghoul, Axeslasher, Deicide, Christmas carols, fruit cakes, curling up by the fire with the severed head of a loved one.