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Agathocles - Commence To Mince - Cassette


Image of Agathocles - Commence To Mince - Cassette

Available for the first time in the states Dirty Needle Records brings you one of Agathocles' gnarliest albums to date. Exclusive to the North America is NINE bonus tracks recorded back in 2013 in Brazil. Pure, unrelenting mince core.

Limited to 150 copies, comes as a random color/style tape.

Track List:
1) Bathing In Hate
2) Noise Abatement Crusaders
3) Snobhunt
4) Bad Space Cake
5) Opportunist Swines
6) Lights Off
7) I Piss As Defence
8) No More Faith
9) Freeze, My Dear
10) Dark Marks
11) Black Evil Rays
12) From Market Place To More Space
13) Anarchist Spectrum Disorder
14) King Of The Scene
15) Thanks Man!
16) Orgulho Americano
17) Why Do They Gaggle ?
18) Demons In My Head
19) (Sh)Out
20) Wasted Words
21) Interrupted
22) Flag Up Your Arse
23) A Late Abortion
24) Different Direction
25) Opgefokt
26) The Only Honesty
27) Dadaesque Orange Attack
28) Hypotripws
29) Commence To Mince
30) Excellent Toilet Paper
31) And The Loser Is
32) Nazional Sozialist Security
33) In The City Of Opportunists
34) Kill Thrill
35) Chinese End

Bonus Tracks:
1)Living Hell Downfall
2)Brutality In Darkness
3)Loss Of Innocence
4)Burning Into Zen
5)Edge Of Pain
6)Why For So Long?
7)Hopeless Daily War
8)Dead Meat Walking

Jam it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atpqXJREGkA&t=1s